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Accreditations: ISO, GLP and GMP ReeLabs is associated with sophisticated state-of-the-art stem cell therapies for a number of degenerative disorders. We are affiliated with leading hospitals and practitioners globally who can deliver you the best stem cell therapy. We have applied for two international patents related to Stem Cell Therapy protocols. International Quality and Standards The stem cell samples are collected, processed and stored as per international standards that ensure optimum yield of stem cells. We employ a quality management system based on continuous improvement, to ensure that all aspects of its services are consistently carried out and meets international standards. We have a tie-up with over 300 hospitals, medical centres and specialists across India to facilitate treatment. Stem Cells with the Best features At ReeLabs, we process your precious Stem Cells using our proprietary technology to make sure they possess the best features required for treatment: Capacity of stem cells for extensive proliferation and multiplication. Effortless differentiation into desired cell type or tissue. Effective Integration into surrounding tissue after transplant. Function well for approximately the duration of the recipient’s life. Avoid harming the recipient in any way. Ease of administration during treatment. The Stem Cell Improvement System we have created brings out the best quality and sustainable stem cells irrespective of what its source is. This assures unbeatable plasticity, homing and engraftment of transfused stem cells to obtain wonderful, often unbelievable results. Safe The stem cells produced by ReeLabs are completely safe, non-toxic and totally devoid of side effects with an excellent probability of homing and engraftment with parent cell, tissue or organ. The Right Dose for You The type, dosage and mode of administration of stem cells is decided after thorough deliberations, detailed medical history and meticulous counselling of patients. The Perfect HLA Match ReeLabs has the option of selectively immune depleting stem cells so that there is no chance of any HLA mismatch or graft versus host reaction