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Released in July 2020
Medical Tourism Index 2020-2021

The one and only comprehensive analysis of the Medical Travel industry is back with its third edition, at a critical juncture in the history of healthcare. The Medical Tourism Index (MTI) ranks American perceptions of 46 international healthcare destinations, providing insight into how consumers view 41 criteria across three primary dimensions, including Destination Attractiveness, Safety, and Quality of Care.


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2020-2021 MTI Overview

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2020-2021 MTI Overall Ranking

2.Singapore 76.43 🇸🇬
3. Japan74.23 🇯🇵
4.Spain 72.93 🇪🇸
5United Kingdom71.92 🇬🇧
6.Dubai71.85 🇦🇪
7.Costa Rica71.73 🇨🇷
8.Israel 70.78 🇮🇱
9.Abu Dhabi70.26 🇦🇪
10.India69.80 🇮🇳
11.France 69.61 🇫🇷
12.Germany 69.29 🇩🇪
13.Oman 69.03 🇴🇲
14.South Korea68.81 🇰🇷
15.Czech Republic68.32 🇨🇿
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The MTI Reports

The Medical Tourism Index brings you its third edition.

The MTI 2014-2015 assessed the attractiveness of 25 countries as medical tourism destinations. In 2016-2017, the MTI expanded to 41 destinations across five regions, doubling the size of the sampling. The 2020-2021 Medical Tourism Index comes at a time where the industry, and the entire world, has been changed forever by COVID-19. The 2020-20121 MTI addresses this very question.


MTI Tools Access

The Medical Tourism Index includes special member access that unlocks data for comparison of destinations by year, by dimension, and much more.

Top 5 Destinations

The Winning 5 of 2020-2021











Dimensions of Measurement

The Medical Tourism Index considers three primary factors as the drivers of medical tourism, and each of the three factors has a subset of items that allows a more detailed comparison in order to measure each destination’s attractiveness and brand awareness as a medical tourism destination.


Medical Tourism

Quality of Facilities
& Services

methodological & statistical

Destination Ranking

The development of the MTI was a multi-year, multi-step, multi-stakeholder approach. Our research methodology followed a rigorous eight-step approach that included methodological, statistical, and index construction procedures to develop this psychometric, sound measurement tool used by healthcare executives and government officials from around the world.

  • THE SURVEYThe data was gathered by conducting a national survey with 3,030 Americans of every age, gender, education level, and socioeconomic status.
  • THE REPORTThe 100+ page report includes 46 Destinations that with statistical evaluation and commentary on each.
  • ONLINE DATA TOOLSIncluded with the purchase of the MTI is a member access portal that provides users with the ability to compare data between destinations through a variety of dimensions and plot custom charts and graphs.
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Demonstrate the Economic Impact of Medical Tourism in your Destination

The Medical Tourism Calculator (MTC) is an adaptable tool used by all industry stakeholders to demonstrate the total economic impact of a medical travel program. Important factors like job creation and tax revenue, as well as the impact on hospitality and tourism, have been less emphasized in medical tourism forecasts.

  • Provides data on the impact of healthcare tourism
  • Provides the current economic impact of medical tourism in your region
  • Provides a forecast of the total economic impact of medical travelers
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2020-2021 Medical Tourism Index


About the Developers

President and Co-founder,
Global Healthcare Resources

Renée-Marie Stephano

Renée-Marie Stephano is president and founder of the Medical Tourism Association® and editor-in-chief of Medical Tourism Magazine® and the Health and Wellness Destination Guide Series of books. Ms. Stephano has authored several books from “Developing International Patient Centers, Best Practices in Facilitation,” to “Medical Tourism for Insurers and Employers,” and the most recent, “Engaging Wellness ~ Corporate Wellness Programs that Work.” Her articles have been published in publications all over the world. Most recently she co-authored an article which was peer reviewed and published in Tourism Management Academic Journal.

Ms. Stephano is an attorney and specializes in working with governments and hospitals to develop sustainable medical tourism/international patient programs and strategies. To that end she provides consultancy to organizations all over the world. She deals directly with ministers of health, tourism and economic development to establish public-private partnerships that support medical tourism and, at the same time, provide a benefit and return to the local community. Ms. Stephano has performed feasibility studies for cities, nations and hospitals worldwide in which she has relayed opportunities for international expansion, clinical development and affiliations and partnerships. She also consults governments in the development of sustainable medical tourism zones & free healthcare zones. Ms. Stephano is a keynote speaker at international conferences, has spoken at hundreds of events and is a featured source of reference on issues related to health, travel and tourism for media outlets around the world.

She is the Executive Director of the International Healthcare Research Center, a 501c(3) organization dedicated to research in medical tourism, wellness travel and corporate wellness. IHRC is the publisher of the Medical Tourism Index (MTI).

Associate Professor of Marketing
rolling college

Dr. Marc Fetscherin

Dr. Marc Fetscherin is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Rollins College (FL), United States. His expertise is in international marketing with a specialization on marketing strategy, marketing research and branding with a specific focus on global brand management, corporate branding, human brands, consumer brand relationships, and destination branding. Previously, he was a Fellow at Harvard University as well as a researcher at the University of California Berkeley.

He taught or teaches MBA and executive MBA courses at various institutions worldwide such as East China University of Science and Technology (China), the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Jacobs University(Germany), the University of Lausanne, HEC (Switzerland) or the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). He won multiple teaching and research awards. He has extensive international experience and lived and traveled to over 30 destinations. He speaks 5 languages (German, English, French. Spanish, Russian). Previous his academic career he was a consultant for McKinsey & Company and CEO of a Swiss luxury company. He was also a member of the Federal Commission ofConsumer Affairs, an advisory body for the Swiss Government.

He has published 3 books, multiple book chapters and journal articles. His articles have appeared in peer reviewed journals such as Harvard Business Review, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Market Research, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Product and Brand Management, Management International Review, International Business Review, or Tourism Management among others. He is in the editorial board of the Journal of Brand Management and the Journal of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy. He is also an Expert for the Association of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.