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MEDICAL TOURISM DOCUMENTARY – Angels Overseas, Costa Rica Edition

Deloitte has reported in 2012 that approximately 1.6 million Americans may have traveled internationally for healthcare, spending billions of dollars. The Medical Tourism Association® recently completed the first-ever medical tourism documentary that shows the story of Bob, one of the 50 million Americans without comprehensive health insurance who traveled to Costa Rica for a double knee replacement. Medical travel ultimately saved Bob $80,000.

This patient documentary follows Bob as he leaves the United States with his wife, eventually engaging in tourism in Costa Rica, successfully completing his surgery, enduring the rehabilitation process, and ultimately returning home to the United States. Watch this medical tourism documentary and find out why so many Americans are traveling internationally for healthcare:

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The Medical Tourism Documentary
is part of the MTA’s endeavor to initiate several educative measures to acquaint the average medical traveler with important aspects of seeking medical assistance from foreign lands.

The documentary provides insight into the high quality of healthcare that Americans and other international travel patients can receive when they elect to seek treatment in a foreign country. This documentary demonstrates to global audiences the high quality of healthcare available in numerous countries. The MTA diligently worked on this project for over a year, with the sole goal of making available a patient’s actual experience.

Free for public viewing on the official MTA website, the Medical Tourism Documentary is expected to be watched by patients, employers, insurance companies, and medical tourism facilitators. The MTA is committed to its mission of elevating the level of public awareness about medical tourism and believes grounded, human stories like this will play a significant role in bringing health travel into the international public consciousness..

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