Medical Tourism in a Coronavirus-Positive World: What the Future Holds

July 7th, 2020
9:00 AM | Eastern Standard Time
3:00 PM | Central European Standard Time
5:00 PM | Gulf Standard Time
9:00 PM | China Standard Time

Join us for a fireside chat featuring the Korea Tourism Organization to learn best practices that you can apply in your healthcare organization or government system to not only re-open the borders but seize the opportunity in dominating the global competition as an international healthcare leader.


About the Webinar

COVID-19 has stalled the world’s rotational axis. Much life as we know it has paused. Borders closed, employees furloughed, businesses bankrupt, social gatherings shut down – almost every person on Earth has life disrupted seemingly in an instant. For the foreseeable future, assuming no less than 12-18 months, society will pursue a course of adaptation. Perhaps, life will never be the same again as common cultural habits, like handshakes, become a thing to avoid.

But how does this new way of life specifically impact the tourism sector – more specifically, medical tourism? What can we learn from a country like South Korea, which has led the way by example and potentially handled the pandemic better than any other? Join us for a fireside chat featuring the Korea Tourism Organization to learn best practices that you can apply in your healthcare organization or government system to not only re-open the borders but seize the opportunity in dominating the global competition as an international healthcare leader.


Learning Points

Patient Referral

How has the referral of patients changed as a result of COVID-19?

Safe Travel

How will patients be assured of safe medical travel?

South Korea's Secret

What is South Korea's secret in being one of few countries to never fully shutdown?

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Webinar Speakers


Jonathan Edelheit

Jonathan Edelheit is Chairman & Co-founder of Global Healthcare Resources and the Medical Tourism Association. Mr. Edelheit helps governments, insurance companies and hospitals create strategies for medical travel and population health management and to execute on those strategies. Mr. Edelheit is the foremost expert in medical tourism having worked in over 60+ countries with the leading stakeholders, helping them envision their programs and then bringing them to life.

Mr. Edelheit is at the center of a corporate network connecting over 2.6 million executives and professionals through his portfolio of companies, magazines, events, and expansive presence on LinkedIn Groups with over 1 million members.

Korea Tourism Organization
Executive Director

Steve Yong

-Currently, Executive Director for KTO NY Office
- Executive Director for Tourism Infrastructure, KTO
- Director for KTO Singapore Office
- Ph.D.  Tourism Science, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Over30 years experience in tourism industry, Steve has profound knowledge of every aspects of tourism including medical tourism.

Global Healthcare Accreditation
Chief Executive Officer

Karen Timmons

Karen Timmons, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Healthcare Accreditation® (GHA) Program, leads an innovative and inaugural healthcare accreditation program designed specifically for healthcare organizations seeking to elevate the quality, patient experience, and excellence of care provided to medical travel, medical tourism and/or international patients. The program focuses specifically on an organization’s Medical Travel Cycle, encompassing the entire pathway of medical travel, as well as setting high expectations for transparency and cultural sensitivity.

Gangnam Severance Hospital
Associate Director of the International Health Care Center

Dr. Jae June Dong

2011-2012 - Internship, Yonsei University Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea

2012-2015 - Residency, Department of Family Medicine,Yonsei University Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea

2015-2016 - Instructor of Family Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

2016-Present - Associative professor of Family Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, KoreaAssociative professor of International Clinic, Gangnam Severance hospital.

Director of Benefits

Tim Isenhower

Tim Isenhower, Director of Benefits – has worked with HSM and their self-insured health insurance for the past 26 years. Managing a self-insured health plan through the 90’s to today has provided him the opportunity to think out of the box for reduced healthcare cost programs including direct contracting, on site clinics, chronic disease management, and medical tourism. With IndUShealth, Tim and HSM were pioneers in self-insured companies offering medical tourism, as was presented on ABC News and Nightline.

About HSM

HSM is a privately-owned holding company based in Hickory, North Carolina, that specializes through its subsidiaries, in the manufacture of components for the furniture, bedding, transportation, packaging and healthcare industries, and the design and construction of automated production machinery for the bedding, apparel, aerospace and other industries.

Korea Tourism Organization
Medical Tourism Manager

Juri Seo

-Medical Tourism Manager for KTO NY Office

-B.A Economics, State University of New York at Albany

Eve since Juri joined KTO NY Office in 2019, Juri has initiated aggressive promotion promoting South Korea as a medical tourism destination.

Bupa Arabia
Global Operations, International Operations

Dr. Hady Hedaya

A medical doctor who is trained in emergency medicine graduated from faculty of medicine – Alexandria University, worked in the field of medical insurance in Egypt, and currently in Saudi Arabia, Leading the international operations,  in the term of:

•Referring the patients outside Saudi Arabia (end to end service).
•Developing partnership with TPA in US and Europe.
•Implementing a digital health services through international telemedicine.
•Expanding the business to have anew insurance products to cover the members outside and inside the country.
•Expanding the international network and specialties in US – Europe – GCC
•Speaker in medical tourism summit as well as trainer for international patient referrals case managers.
•PMP trained and got several certificates in Customer care and people management.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Director of the International Healthcare Center

Dr. Choh Joong Haeng

Dr. Choh is currently the director of the International Healthcare Center at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, one of the largest and most prestigious academic medical centers in South Korea.

Dr. Choh has been a cardiothoracic surgeon with training and practice background both in USA and South Korea until 2015 when he took the current position at his Alma Mater. Over 35 years he maintained an active cardiovascular surgical practice in Chicago area with the leadership role as the co-chair of Cardiovascular Division at Advocate Sherman Hospital System, Elgin, Illinois.

Between 2003-2005, he served as the founding medical director of Cardiovascular Center of the new Seoul National University Bundang Hospital during its early phase.

His area of main interest has been clinical coronary artery surgery, quality improvement in management of CV disease in general, and more recently global health care issues.

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