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With a networking ticket, you get what you came for. You don't want to leave a conference empty-handed, do you? You want to return back to your office with a stack of business cards, of course! But a stack of business cards isn't going to earn you business.

After 12 years of hosting conferences, we've learned one thing: business cards are useless. Yes – useless! Most people never actually do anything with the card that you gave them. They don't remember who you are, why you met, or what you do. Plus, they've got a stack of others! What separates you from the rest?

88% of business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week.

So we've adapted our events to ensure that when you come for networking, you get networking.

All attendees that purchase a networking ticket get access to an exclusive networking area and the networking platform. With this networking software, you'll be able to pre-schedule meetings with attendees before you ever get to the conference! Your personalized agenda will allow you to fit the sessions you want to attend into your calendar, and coordinate meetings around them. You'll have an exclusive area to meet with your future clients that the rest of the attendees won't have access to. This is where the magic happens.

Bring contracts that are ready to sign. You won't go home empty handed!

Oh, and did we mention that food and beverage is exclusive for those with a networking ticket?

Meet Your Future Clients & Partners

What's a conference without connections? Our networking software will allow you to make the most of your event experience by allowing you to control your connections at conference. The features are few – the benefits are many!

Attendee Directory

View a list of all conference attendees including name, title, and company.

Interest Matchmaking

Fill out your interest profile to get suggested sessions and automatically match with other attendees to schedule meetings before the event even begins!

Custom Schedule

Create your personalized agenda and fill your schedule with sessions and meetings.

Personal Profile

Upload your profile picture along with a bio so that your dream clients can get to know you before they ever meet you.

Mobile App

Access the networking software from your browser on any device or download the mobile app on iOS and Android!


Stay up-to-date on conference changes (such as session room changes) from your pocket.

Organizers & Partners

The companies and organizations that make this event possible.


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