LASER Lipolysis

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Clínica Dermatológica y Cirugía Estética de Puebla

The city of Puebla through its many public and private institutions attends patients from all over the republic who come in search of treatments and specialized surgical procedures. La Clinica Dermatologica y Cirugia Esteticade Puebla S.A. de C.V. (The Puebla Dermatology and Esthetic Surgery Clinic) was opened in 1971 by Professor Dr Francisco Arellano Ocampo. It is equipped with all the necessary installations to perform medical treatments for Dermatology, Allergies and Esthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. It offers a well-equipped hospital and the most modern technology. The administration is under the direction of Pilar Montalvo de Ita. In our Hospital Center, the required esthetic intervention can be performed in a discrete, easy and safe way making it possible to make your face beautiful and sculpt your body. The CDCEP personnel are trained to provide the most efficient care for each patient so that their stay and recuperation takes place in an atmosphere of discrete privacy. The quality of our service is backed by State recognition for Science and Technology. CONACYT National accreditation as a Technological and Scientific Institution No. 2012 / 15983. Each patient receives individual attention from our General Director Dr Aristides Arellano Huacuja, with his extensive experience in all the techniques of Esthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. The patient’s complete recuperation and satisfaction are one of the benefits offered by the Puebla Dermatology and Esthetic Surgery Clinic.