YU Peiran

Yu Peiran, Vice President and Chief Pilot of Hanergy Business Aviation Co., Ltd., Former Certified Director and Pilot Instructor of B777 Aviation Flight Corps of Air China Limited, with the safe flight hours of 23,000. Once served as flight superintendent of Aviation Safety Department of the Air China Limited, he harbors advanced management philosophies and rich practical experiences on civil aviation regulations, aviation safety management, and the quality control of flight safety. Meanwhile, as the pilot of private plane, Yu used to fly the private planes for many leaders of different countries for many times. In 2012, he joined the Hanergy Business Aviation Co., Ltd., and currently, he works as the skilled test officer and pilot instructor of the GV type airplanes.

Since last year, the company noticed that there are more and more high-end clients they have accumulated before who are in need of overseas medical treatment and due to their great advantages of business aviation lines from over 50 countries and regions, therefore they decided to develop the overseas medical services. In the past, they mainly organized the clients to Japan for physical check-up and go to US and Europe for heavy diseases and anti-aging treatment. In the future, the company will continue to develop the overseas medical market and hope to bring the Chinese clients overseas including Middle East for better and higher-end medical services.