Tariq Mohamed Siddique

I possess FLHC & ALHC (ICA, US), ACS (LOMA, US), Certificate in U/W & M.SC (Zoology), an accomplished Domain Specialist integrating 32 years of expertise including last 27 years in Insurance Industry and have been working in Gulf region for 22 years.

Proficiency in various services of the industry like operations – Claims management, Hospital networking management, and Customer Service management also has been instrumental in business development (marketing) in my current position. I have Sound Medical Knowledge for evaluating claims, case management, negotiating tariffs and for developing hospital network. I have extensive exposure to health insurance and marketing in my various positions throughout my carrier.

I have been working with Vipul Better Care Management Services LLC (TPA) since May, 2011 in Oman as AGM and have been heading the complete operation of Oman since May, 2018 independently.
All the operation teams & supervisors reporting me and I have been reporting to chairman office.