Marini Saari

Marini is Head of Corporate Strategy for the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), a council under the Ministry  of  Health  Malaysia  (MoH),  that  has  been  entrusted  with  the  responsibility  of  curating  the  country’s  healthcare travel sector. Under her rm leadership, Marini steers initiatives that pave the way for the company’s strategic  direction,  including  research  studies,  data  analytics,  and  benchmarking  exercises.  She  is  also  responsible  for  the  company’s  development  of  knowledge  assets  and  maintains  communication  with  the  stakeholders.

With  over  20  years  of  experience  across  multiple  industries,  Marini  offers  strategic  planning  and  process  improvement  expertise  from  her  extensive  knowledge  and  impressive  background.  Starting  her  career  in  engineering, she provided design advisory to the oil and gas industry. Marini then transitioned to the healthcare industry and was part of the team executing the Quality, Environmental and Safety governance audits before moving to a consulting rm, also in the oil and gas industry.

Arm believer in nation building, Marini then left the private sector to pursue a career with several government agencies.  Her  career  in  the  public  sector,  spanned  from  elevating  the  small  and  medium  enterprises,  to  managing Malaysia’s talent supply in meeting the needs of the industry. She then joined MHTC, an agency tasked  to  facilitate  the  overall  development  and  promotion  of  the  Malaysian  healthcare  travel  industry,  to  contribute  towards  the  nation’s  economy.  Marini  graduated  with  a  BA  in  Mechanical  Engineering  from  Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)