Kubatbek Sadyrbekov

Over 25 years of work, I conducted educational, research and practical work in the field of health. In the field of medical tourism, I have 6 years of experience: creating a system for treating patients abroad, organizing diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation of patients, holding seminars and conferences with leading doctors from around the world, working with patients and medical tourism agencies. Under my leadership, a state system of treating patients abroad was organized: starting from assessing the health status of patients, preparing medical documentation, translating them into English, sending the patient to a foreign clinic, monitoring diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients. Along with this, I conduct consultations for patients to select the leading clinics for medical tourism. I have professional, organizational and managerial skills: project management, monitoring and evaluation, strategic analysis and planning, strategic decision making, quality management system, public administration, etc. I strictly adhere to the position: "Every patient deserves the quality and accessibility of medical services."