James Raussen

James professional career spans 28 years including 15 in government and public policy, with the last 3 years in South East Asia. James primary focus has been in healthcare, insurance and economic development. James’s prior roles have included Managing Deputy Comptroller for the City of Chicago where he oversaw healthcare benefits and the administration of over 35,000 employees and their families. In addition, James was one co-author of the Healthcare Study for Retirees in Chicago.

Previously, James was Chairman of the Healthcare Access & Affordability Committee in the state of Ohio as a state legislator, where he led efforts on healthcare reform and transparency with hospitals, doctors, and patients. Due to his concentrated background in the healthcare sector James was appointed to study and research health populations, costs, and quality across multiple populations of approximately 11 million people.

James was personally responsible for the implementation of wellness programs and supporting technologies in order to improve overall patient care and provide greater efficiency in healthcare systems.

James’s focus in Vietnam includes building relationships with reliable healthcare partners around the world, educating stakeholders, individuals and employers on healthcare quality and wellness, following the latest healthcare innovations, and providing business development advice for healthcare companies entering the South East Asian market.     He is the managing partner for Infinity Healthcare Vietnam.

James is a graduate of Xavier University with a B.A. in Political Science and has also completed studies in International Relations at Oxford University in the UK. James has been a guest speaker at the Cleveland Clinic (USA), Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (USA), National Taiwan University Hospital (Taiwan), and the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (USA), all of which are well known throughout the globe as quality healthcare providers.