Dr. Nawal Khaled Othman

Nawal graduated with M.B.BS. from King Saud University KSA and started her career in 1990 as a physician in Abu Dhabi hospitals. She specialized in Ophthalmology from the University of Vienna. Nawal then obtained double Master degrees one in vision sciences from University of Manchester and a Master degree in Strategic Security Studies from the National Defense College, UAE.

After 18 years in the medical field, Nawal joined Abu Dhabi health Authority to co-establish and develop both Continuous Medical Education and Medical Postgraduate sections, however due to family reasons she had to settle in Cairo where she joined the UAE Embassy for four years holding the position of HR and strategy planner as well as managing the UAE Ambassadors' office.
In 2013 she returned to UAE and joined the National Health Insurance (Daman) holding the position of Director, Human Resources & Facility management.
She received several subject and strategy trainings that enhanced her knowledge and leadership competencies

Last year Daman decided to reform the disease management department and assigned Nawal to play a role on the conceptualization and implementation of new strategies and models in community health management through enhancing and developing Daman’s existing health support and behavioral change coaching programs. This gave her the chance to exploit learnings gained from the Master degree in Strategic Security Studies from her recent enrolment in the National Defence College.
Nawal is an active member in the UAE Red Crescent were she participated in different activities and was awarded several Certificates of appreciation,