Dr. Mikhail Nikitskiy

He graduated in 1999 from the Russian State Medical University. In 2002, he graduated from the residency in pediatric surgery. In 2005 he graduated from graduate school in pediatric urology-andrology. In 2007, he received a Ph.D. in medical sciences. Since 2005 he worked in the Department of Pediatric Urology Children's Clinical Hospital No. 13. In 2009 he opened a private practice. At the moment, the owner and doctor of the medical center "Medica Mente"

The medical center is engaged in medical tourism and getting a second opinion since 2010.

He sends Russian patients abroad for treatment if it is not able to help them in Russia. He works with different countries - Germany, Czech Republic, China, etc. He wants to develop a treatment area for Russian patients in the United Arab Emirates.