Dr. Jegr Darbandi

Currently Dr. Jegr Darbandi is working as the managing director of FlyForHealth company, one of the leading medical tourism company in the region. He has more than 5 years experience in medical tourism business. FlyForHealth manages treatment for patients abroad as well as bringing many international doctors to Kurdistan. FlyForHealth company has the leading share in the big volume of travelers and is the exclusive partner of the Ministry of Health of Kurdistan regional government for cancer and BMT patients as well as the exclusive partner for the Ministry of Peshmarga for severely injured peshmargas (soldiers).

In 2016 FlyForHealth successfully sent 250+ documented patients abroad for treatment.

Additionally Dr. Darbandi is also the CEO of VANEST dental and medical Ltd bringing the latest dental and medical updates and technology to the region.

As one of the youngest healthcare leader in the region Jegr’s aim is to develop the healthcare system in Kurdistan by creating business opportunities with the most well developed destinations. He aims to start and develop new healthcare projects with latest international updates.

The international experience, the academic and educational background makes him aim bigger for a better health sector future in Kurdistan.

Dr. Darbandi is based in Erbil, the Capitol of Kurdistan Region.