Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL

A Senior Executive Physician, Dr. Gul spent several years in healthcare business development and management for

  • Clinic operation development, medical recruitment, business development and management
  • International medical services (medical tourism, assistance, evacuation, repatriation)
  • On-Site / remote medical services (occupational health, onshore – offshore clinic management)

Having had the opportunity to become affiliated with different countries and cultures, Dr. Gul holds significant experience in health, insurance, aviation sectors, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Dr. Gul is passionate for CSR & Sustainability and founder and Executive Director of CSR Middle East platform (2005) leading thousands of corporate members on their regional initiatives.

Dr. Gul is on the prestigious list of "2011 TOP 100 THOUGHT LEADERS in Europe and the Middle East”.