Dr. Dayo Osholowu

Dr. Adedayo “DRDO” Osholowu is the Managing Director and Surgeon General of Kasi Healthcare an integrated healthcare organization in the hygiene and healthcare sector in Africa headquartered in Lagos Nigeria. His vision is to develop Nigeria as a Top 10 Medical tourism and healthcare manufacturing destination in 2030 creating over 10,000 jobs directly and contributing over $10BN to the GPD through internal medical tourism receipts and exports of hygiene and healthcare products, drugs and devices. Today the country loses over $1BN every year in outgoing medical tourism receipts and even more to the import of hygiene products, drugs and medical devices. His mission is to serve as the “Nation’s Doctor,” and “do more” for the health of the Nigerian people. Dr. Osholowus’ motto as Surgeon General is “Doing more through 5 Kasi Keys: International partnerships, leading technology, leading health professionals, high level of service and everyday impact in the local community.” He is committed to strengthening relationships with all international health destinations and forging new partnerships with global health providers, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, global health insurance and financial services companies and especially aviation and medical tourism facilitation companies toward achieving this ambitious goal.

In this capacity as Managing Director of Kasi Healthcare he advises the Board on matters pertaining to investments in the hygiene and healthcare sector across Africa, as well as the wellbeing of the work force of Kasi healthcare. Dr Adedayo Osholowu has authority to commit resources across Sub Saharan Africa, to make decisions affecting the delivery of medical services, and to develop plans, programs and procedures to support the growth of Kasi healthcare investments in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. He exercises direction, guidance, and clinical management of a 10 years plan to invest $100 million to create an integrated health care delivery, hygiene and hospital sector distribution system serving 220 million citizens at 10,000 provider facilities across Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

As the Surgeon General, Dr. Osholowu holds a Students Pilot License and serves a Flight Surgeon of the Kasi Doctor Rescue Corps based at the Lagos International Airport. In this capacity, he oversees the operations of approximately 100 uniformed paramedics who serve in nearly 3000 locations around Nigeria promoting, protecting, and advancing the health and safety of our nation. He also oversees a www.kasihealth.com fleet of Aircrafts and Land Ambulances including a Sikorsky S-72 Helicopter and King Air 350i for short range regional transfers and a Lear Jet 45 for long range emergency evacuations serving the oil and gas, hospital and public sectors of the Nigerian economy for safe land to air transfers.

Dr Osholowu is from Iperu Remo Ogun State Nigeria. He received his license to become Physician and Surgeon from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria in 2006 graduating from the College of Medicine University of Lagos with additional training in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at the Columbia University New York Shoulder Elbow and Sports Medicine Department as well as the FIFA Medical Center of Excellence Wits University Johannesburg and St Georges Hospital University of London in General Surgery. Prior to his current assignment, Dr Dayo Osholowu served as Sports Physician to the Nigerian National team and earned international appointments at Sports Physician South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, Athens 2011 Special Olympics World Games. He recently served as Consultant to Florence Nightingale Hospitals Istanbul a Turkish hospital provider and Biolitec A Dubai Healthcare City based medical device manufacturer establishing their offices in Africa and overseeing their business development and expansion on the continent as Managing Director of their local representative offices.

Dr. Dayo Osholowu has created several initiatives to tackle our nation’s most pressing health issues, including: the medical tourism exodus, obesity epidemic, infection control, and the links between community health and both economic prosperity and national security. In response to the medical tourism exodus he had lead a $4Mn investment over 5 years is a National Orthopedic program in Robotic Surgery with Kasi Lokmanya Orthopedics India establishing a standalone outpatient surgical Center with international managers. He has also led the investment of over $1MN over 5 years Biolitec Lagos University Teaching Hospital Laser Surgery Center of Excellence Project offering Laser Surgery in Coloproctology, Urology and Vascular Surgery. To address the Obesity epidemic, Dr. Osholowu initiated the local chapter of the Global Walk with a Doc initiative, urging more Nigerians to walk over 10,000 steps everyday with monthly walks lead by him in communities across Nigeria. Dr. Osholowu is also host of the national television show the Doctors Nigeria the local adaptation of the Emmy award winning CBS International talk show. The show calls for a cultural shift in the way Nigerians think about, talk about, and respond to the Nigerian health crisis. Dr. Osholowu is focused on building a culture of health and prevention in all sectors. As part of those efforts, Dr. Osholowu host a yearly Kasi Healthcare Future of Health Forum to explore the connection between private sector investments and public policies leading to healthier communities and advancing business and community security in Nigeria. He has been a leader in numerous professional organizations, including the Nigerian National program Ebola Alert, where he led the State’s responses to Ebola outbreak in the Nigeria as part of the response team.

Dr. Dayo Osholowu has committed to an ambitious pledge 10X Pledge u calling for Global healthcare investors, corporations and governments across Nigeria and the rest of Africa to join him in investing over $10BN in hygiene and healthcare provision in Africa over the next 10 years and facilitate locally led solutions can grow and that “do more” to solve the nation’s most difficult health problems while creating jobs, contributing to the growth of the National GDP while developing communities and reducing insecurity. He however feels his toughest, but most important job, is being a supportive husband to his wife Mrs Ibukunola Lasisi and ever present father to his daughter Imisi. He also continues to pursue his passion as Sports Physician part time out of his private practice clinics in Dubai and Lagos where his family currently lives.