Dr. Bashir Aden

Dr. Bashir Aden works Department of Health (DoH) Abu Dhabi, division of Healthcare Quality & Research Quality Monitoring department. His role as an advisor include leading the development and implementation of patient safety and clinical indicators, patient experience, and staff engagement across all healthcare providers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

During his time at public health department in DoH, Dr Aden improved public heath surveillance, and preventive health programs with tangible outcomes including the DoH Weqaya program for CVD, Chronic Disease Registry, Cancer Screening Program, Immunization Information Systems, Vital Statistics, Well Child Visit, and notification of Communicable Diseases.

He graduated from Cambrian College with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science. At the University of California College Health Science, he earned a Master in public health with a concentration in infectious disease Epidemiology. After many years in the workforce, he returned to the University and was awarded a Doctor of Public Health.

He is a member and board Certified Public Health Professionals, Hospital Epidemiologist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist in USA; and fellow of the Faculty of Public Health in UK