CAI Xinyu

Graduating from management major from Australia, CAI Xinyu hasworked in Beijing Saint Lucia Consulting since 2011. Currently he works at Saint Lucia’s Tokyo office, specialising in company strategy decision making, product design, overseas services management and operations, hospital development and customer services in Japan. He is proficient in Chinese, Japanese and English, and hs multi-national, multicultural and multi-lingual skills and experiences in international business. He has an in-depth understanding in regards to the Chinese medical tourism market.

Beijing Saint Lucia Hospital Management Consulting Company Pty., Ltd. is a famous overseas medical professional consulting institution in China. The company is committed to offering a comprehensive guidance and service package to the patients with serious diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases or neurological diseases for their overseas treatment. Currently, the company has set up over 10 institutions abroad, and built steady strategic partnership with world’s top medical institutions from dozens of countries and regions, including America, Britain, Germany, South Korea and Singapore. With powerful advanced medical resources, its team has provided many high-end clients with highly personal medical facilitation and consulting services over the past four years. They output Chinese patients outside of China for over 1000 people each year.