Asma Alameri

The Department of Health (DOH) is the regulative body of the Healthcare Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and ensures excellence in Healthcare for the community by monitoring the health status of the population. With the introduction of Abu Dhabi Quality Index in 2014, Quality in Abu Dhabi have taken a leap steps towards building quality of healthcare culture across the healthcare sector.

Asma is one of the current leaders of the Muahsir- Abu Dhabi Quality Index of Department of Health- Abu Dhabi, a comprehensive quality monitoring index that ensures patient safety, effectiveness, improving value of care and patient experience. Asma is a member in DoH Healthcare Quality Advisory committee. In addition to her role in ensuring healthcare quality among all healthcare providers, she is involved in improving data quality and data management to enable effective analytics, and artificial intelligence within the healthcare sector.

Before joining the Department of Health, Asma worked at the molecular Laboratory at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. She was involved in developing molecular tests, improving processes, and designing quality assurance systems. She led the process improvements during H1N1 pandemics and MERS- Coronavirus epidemics in UAE.