Andrey Timoshkin

Mr Andrey Timoshkin, Head of Statistics and Modelling at Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH), drives a number of strategic initiatives to facilitate the use of artificial intelligence in the Emirate by effective regulation and efficient information exchange within the healthcare market. Andrey’s team provides analytics support for monitoring of health sector strategy implementation and regulates the information exchange within the health system. Working at DoH Andrey published annual health statistics (www.doh.gov.ae/opendata, www.haad.ae/statistics); launched an information exchange that handles over 20 million electronic transactions per year (www.haad.ae/shafafiya); implemented Knowledge Engine for Health data warehouse and enterprise data cube that enabled comprehensive analytics on over 1200 parameters of market data; established data architecture that enabled real-time analytics for pharmacy benefits management; established requirements and specifications for integration with National ID infrastructure to enable biometric authentication and unique identification of service users; implemented a number of changes to Data Standard that improved information exchange and quality of data.