Abdallah A. Al Hindawi

I am a senior director and consultant with a solid background and over 23 years of experience in management, export promotion, SMEs and business association development, business development, global healthcare travel, events management and excellence.

I am also a global healthcare travel consultant where my areas of focus are in developing countries and medical service providers global healthcare travel initiatives and approaches through niche marketing, MICE, patients referrals in addition being developing medical tourism services by enhancing patients experience through integrating medical, wellness and concierge services mainly in the MENA and GCC regions.

I have successfully developed Jordan brand identity in global healthcare travel sector in both macro and micro levels through communicating advocacy, branding and marketing plans with official local entities, donors and international organization from one hand and on developing medical services provided by Jordanian private hospitals for foreign patients by helping them into developing their services through adopting best international practices and implementing effective promotional, training and social responsibility plans on the other hand, which effectively showcased Jordan as a destination of choice and raised the hospitals capabilities and build their capacities.

I am also a public speaking figure in the global healthcare travel industry presenting different international trends and best practices and speaking in tens of conferences in Jordan, Oman, UAE, Lebanon, Tunisia, India, China, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Croatia and USA.