Provision Center for Proton Therapy


Provision Healthcare is an integrated, world-class outpatient cancer and wellness campus featuring Provision Center for Proton Therapy. The provision includes comprehensive diagnostic imaging services, traditional radiation therapy, a health and wellness centre, physical therapy centre and clinical trials through the campus’s biomedical research program. The campus includes oncology practices that are closely aligned with Provision’s “Culture of Care”. Provision has partnered with local hospitals as an extension of Provision’s care team to provide additional medical services as needed for patients who come to the treatment centre. Provision Center for Proton Therapy is also investing in proton therapy of the future. ProNova Solutions develops and manufactures proton therapy equipment. Leveraging its experience with PET to reduce the size, weight and cost while creating the most technically advanced product on the market. ProNova aims to make next-generation proton therapy cancer treatment more accessible to patients around the world with its SC360 cyclotron and gantry system. Since it’s beginnings, Provision Healthcare has been committed to improving health care and making the best treatment options accessible to the patients it serves. This is reflected in its active participation across the campus in clinical trials, managed through the Provision Center for Biomedical Research. Biomedical Research works with the pharmaceutical industry, physician groups and other healthcare organizations across the country. This research partner is working to develop better ways of treating disease as well as providing a means for Provision patients to utilize the best therapies available.

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Tennessee, United States


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