The Medical Tourism Association™ Partners Up with The Private Hospitals Association in Jordan

The Medical Tourism Association™  (MTA) – has partnered with The Private Hospitals Association (PHA) to assist with organizing The International Medical Tourism, Wellness & Spa Congress that will be held in Dead Sea – Jordan March 18-20, 2012.

As the leading regional destination for health care and the fifth medical tourism destination worldwide as recognized by the World Bank; this conference will host up to 400 academics, researchers, health care buyers, innovators and decision-makers working in areas such as: governments, health care, travel and embassies. This Congress will provide a platform for sharing and learning about the wider issues of the future of medical tourism, quality assurance and accreditation, e-health, Jordan as a wellness destination and medical liability issues. The Congress will be held at the Kempinski-Ishtar Hotel Dead Sea- Jordan.

As part of this agreement, the MTA will take part in developing topic ideas, recommending speakers and inviting VIP buyers of health care among the contacts they have established.

“Many of the buyers we have worked with have shown a great deal of interest in exploring the areas of Jordan where medical tourism could thrive,” said Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association™ . “For my company; this is a great opportunity to showcase a high specialty and diverse health and wellness destination, one that has exceptional health care combined with high patient satisfaction rates and a beautiful place to visit, which are all components the MTA advocates.”

In addition to working together on the Congress, the Guide to Jordan Healthcare will be the second book released in a series of the Destination Guides program, by the MTA.

As nearly 100 countries around the world embrace the medical tourism industry, the Medical Tourism AssociationTM has launched its Destination Guides program as a commitment to education, with a focus on consumer awareness. The first guide was officially released at the 4th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress in October, The Las Vegas Destination Guide™ .

The Jordan Destination Guide will provide:

• In depth analysis about what medical tourism is and considerations in receiving health care away from home
• Discover what makes Jordan a great medical tourism destination
• Medical procedures and treatments available in Jordan
• How to budget/plan for your Jordan medical trip
• Directory listing of health care providers, spas, hotels and entertainment

Known for years for its excellence in health care, Jordan has continually increased its value proposition by promoting quality and international standards. At present, seven Jordanian private hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), with five others in the process of obtaining this accreditation. This ensures patients a quality health care experience, as well as highlights Jordan’s commitment to enhance all phases of the medical services sector.

In the past five years, Jordan has streamlined its efforts to become a medical tourism hub with sector revenues increasing to $1.3 billion by 2011. Revenues will likely increase even more in the coming years as additional Jordanian hospitals will gain Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

“Due to our belief that more efforts should be made by our association to attract and increase the number of patients who select Jordan as their medical and wellness destination, we have collaborated with the MTA in releasing the Jordan Destination Guide to promote Jordan as the destination of choice for wellness, medical services and to assist hospitals in entering new regional and international markets,” said Dr. Abdallah Hindawi, CEO of Private Hospitals Association.