Medical tourism is beneficial only for people who can afford it


The cost of medical facilities in the developed countries is very high. The governments of these countries are not being able to control the excessive price hikes of different healthcare facilities. The citizens of developed countries are not content with the medical care they are getting in their own country.

The healthcare system has reached its saturation point. The average insurance policies do not cover the costs of treatments and surgeries completely but still the citizens have to pay high rates of premium. Due to all these reasons, people have started to travel to the developing countries for getting treatments and surgeries at much lower costs.

Medical facilities are considered one of the necessities that every individual deserves. By traveling to one of the medical tourism destinations like India, Costa Rica, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, you can reduce the cost of major surgeries by 50%. The opportunity of traveling to faraway countries, along with a chance of saving money on medical treatments, is so lucrative that patients of posh developed countries could not resist it. The insurance companies are also supporting medical tourism because it is easier for them to provide fund for treatments offshore.

As early as in 2006 over 1.2 million people traveled to Thailand for getting medical treatments. Every year millions of American citizens are crossing oceans to reach faraway Asian medical tourism destinations. The total cost of a medical procedure conducted in Thailand or Malaysia will cost you only 30% of what medical practitioners will ask in the US. Mexico and other South American countries have become top destinations for dental surgery and cosmetic surgery.

The total cost of a trip to India, a heart valve replacement surgery, accommodation, sight seeing and return flight ticket will cost you only $10,000. For the same surgery, you will have to dole out a baffling amount of $200,000 in the US. $10,000 may be a vast sum for the natives of the developing nations like Thailand and India but it is within the easy reach of foreign patients. Many of the international companies are sending their employees to the developing countries for low budget treatment facilities.


Medical tourism is beneficial for the foreign patients because they can easily afford the sum of money required for complicated surgeries. Medical tourism offers the chance of traveling along with proper medical treatments.