Medical tourism is an important player in the Thai economy

Thai Medical tourism

Today, most people love to spend their vacations in a hospital that offers five-star facility. This is a direct effect of medical tourism as it provides an opportunity to people across the world to attain quality medical services. Thailand, along with India and Singapore accounts for about 90 percent of the medical tourism market. Thai tourism facility providers are clubbing medical treatments and sight-seeing together at affordable prices.

Thailand is one of those medical tourism destinations that has gained a reputation as a quality, cheap yet reliable medical tourism destination. People from countries like the USA and Britain visit the destination to get the advantages of quality and advanced medical facilities. Cheap and high-class medical tourism facilities attract people from every corner of the globe.

The country is a perfect destination for people who love to spend their health vacations by exploring the gold-spired temples and sun kissed beaches. Hotels and resorts located in the country offer quality and affordable lodging facilities to their guests. Hotels offer emergency medical services and local sightseeing packages to medical tourists. This not ends here as many people visit the country for advanced open-heart surgeries, several transplants, and dental procedures, which makes the destination favorable for medical tourism.

Effects of medical tourism on the Thai economy

Medical tourism has multiple effects on Thai economy and some of them are as follows:

  • The main benefit of medical tourism on Thai economy is that it is bringing direct foreign exchange earnings and contributes greatly to government revenues. As a result, the per capita income of the country is more that its neighboring medical tourism destinations.
  • In the year 2013, medical tourism pumped $4.7 billion into the Thai economy, a number that is continuously increasing.
  • Medical tourism offers employment and business opportunities to the local people. This helps in overall development of the country.
  • The Thai government can look forward to improve healthcare and tourism facilities in the country. So that they can attract more medical tourists to avail world-class medical services.

Medical tourism is an enormous source of foreign exchange for destination economies as medical tourists bring foreign currency to the medical tourism destinations. New visa policies of the country promote medical tourism and create goodwill in medical tourism market.


Thailand ranks among the three medical tourism destinations of the continent. Immense popularity of medical tourism pumped the economy of the country and it is continuously increasing.