Is there any scope of medical tourism in Africa


If you are planning for dental or cosmetic surgery, Africa might just be the right place for you. If you are wondering whether there is scope for medical tourism in Africa or not then we would be happy to guide you through the countries and procedures that Arica offers for better medical treatments.

Arica is fast emerging as a lucrative market for health tourism. Nations like South Africa, Egypt and Tunisia are the epicenter of health tourism.

Of the nations mentioned above South Africa is the Big Daddy! With exotic customs, breath taking safaris and an assortment of heavenly flora and fauna, South Africa attracts about 42% of the total medical tourists that fly across borders. South Africa entered the tourism race much before! The first heart transplant was performed in Cape Town in 1967.

Staying true to its promises of better health care packages, South Africa offers about 75% of cost effectives. A surgery in South Africa costs 1/3rd of what it would cost in the UK or US. Other surgeries like hip replacements, body beautification and cardiac surgeries are also on the boom in African countries.

Next on the list comes Egypt, which is fast accepting medical tourism as one of its biggest opportunities to grow, develop and expand. Egypt’s rich culture, film city adds a certain charm to the package and attracts wealthy tourist from all over the globe especially the Middle East.  Hubs like Cairo provide 60% savings in cosmetic surgeries. Besides this, the State of the art hospitals, private nurses and luxury packages also attract a lot of clientele. Procedures, such as Rhinoplasty and liposuction, can be availed for less than 1000$.

Third in the queue comes Tunisia, a major tourist heaven. Besides travel heaven, it also provides cardiology, urology and fertility procedures. The treatments and savings are similar to those of Egypt. Tunisia is majorly famous for postoperative packages due to its sandy beaches and Mediterranean climate. What better way to beautify yourself than this!

Africa witnesses a minimum of 300,000 tourists every year! Its proximity to Europe makes it the perfect choice for little tidbits such as liposuction, rhinoplasty or something as minimal as double chin correction. Besides cosmetic surgery the efficient care available for dental surgeries, hip replacements and cardio surgeries also favor medical tourism in Africa.


If you have been stalling your surgery and the adventure safari in Africa for a while now, here is your chance to go on a reconstructive holiday and enjoy the much-coveted land of wildlife!