India vs. US pharmaceutical companies


India is known to be one of the best, although still in its developing stages, medical tourism destination in the world and has proved its effectiveness in providing the best healthcare services and medical retreat facilities of international standards, at very affordable prices to medical tourists all over the world. There has always been an increased flow of medical tourists every year and people have always enjoyed the freshness and innovative experience, both in the Indian culture as well as the technical advancements.

Recent Issues

However quite recently, there was an issue between the Indian government and the US based pharmaceutical companies, that reached the media and which led to other related hype, based on India’s inefficiency in handling patents for certain medical drugs provided by the US companies. Basically, the Indian government handed out certain policies in strengthening the strictness of approving medical drugs imported from the US. The policies resulted in scenarios where some medical patients of the US were quite recently revoked or, in some cases, denied, which allowed India to produce their own medicines and sell them at cheaper rates that could be sold to countries in South Asia.

The reason as to why US is clearly agitated by the situation is because, US has the most number of exports of medical drugs to India, when compared to their exports to the rest of the world. Hence, the Indian market was a huge field of sales and when that plan backfired, the US stated that they were quite unhappy with India’s stand on handling the documents of intellectual property management.

Affecting Medical Tourism

There have been many debates as to how much this will affect the medical tourism section of India. Due to the reasons which has made US a bit uneasy, there would be an increased campaign amongst the US nationals, so as to discourage patients from visiting India seeking medical treatments. This could affect the whole medical care system of India, since they might have to experience a shortage in the number of patients visiting them.

The Other Version

While some others say, there could be a definite increase in the flow of medical tourists from all over the world. Since India is producing their medicines at a much affordable price, people from all over the world would be encouraged to visit India and undergo treatments and purchase medicines at cheaper rates, when compared to their own country.

There really needs to be a clearer vision as to what needs to be done in this issue. No country and their policies are to be blamed. However, it only takes a matter of serious discussion and settling the matter, bringing benefits to both the countries.