How facilitators can become patient navigators in medical tourism


Medical tourism is gaining a lot of popularity as a possible option for high quality and affordable healthcare. If you want to avail this facility, you need a medical facilitator or agent to navigate you through your medical trip overseas. A medical tourism facilitator provide a combination of various services, which often require careful planning for patients in order to have a enjoyable experience during their medical trip.

A medical tourism facilitator functions as a bridge between the medical tourists and the healthcare facility. They have played an important role in promoting the development of medical tourism and it is important to select your medical tourism facilitator carefully. A quality medical tourism facilitator has the experience, knowledge and helps you to connect top doctors or surgeons and assist you throughout the whole process.

Medical tourism agents as patient navigators

Selecting right medical tourism destination

A knowledgeable medical tourism agent can help you to choose the right medical tourism destination. He will help you to choose excellent medical center or hospital where you can get your desired medical treatment.

Smooth travelling experience

Medical tourism agent can help you to achieve a smooth traveling experience without efforts. Medical travelers can get enough help from these agents, as they are able to make the entire process simple, smooth and affordable as well.

Helps to overcome the barriers

As a foreigner, you might have to face various barriers like language barriers, cultural barriers, and religion problems. Medical tourism agents will help you in such situations as they can easily handle such situations.


The medical tourism agents help you to communicate with government officers and insurance companies. In case you stuck in some legal problems, they can easily take you out from that problem.

Transportation and tourism arrangements

They will make proper transportation arrangements, for you and your family, in your country and overseas as well. The medical tourism agents carefully make boarding plans and arrange all the services so that you do not have to face any trouble while traveling.

Financial, physical, and psychological support

They will help you in a foreign land by providing you financial, physical, and psychological support. You might get panic before the treatment but a companion can easily help you to get out of such conditions.


While planning to avail medical treatment overseas, it is important to get the service of a professional medical tourism provider or agent. He will help you to arrange medical treatment, lodging, visa, and passport arrangements for you. He can work as a navigator during your entire medical tour.