Dubai boosts medical tourism with its policy of ‘Bigger, Brasher and Better’

Dubai boosts medical tourism

Dubai is all set to become the best medical tourism industry in the world. The city has come up with a lot of larger than life strategies to help rein in over 500,000 medical tourists from around the world by 2020. The first phase of this goal would see the city welcome over 170,000 medical tourists by 2016. Accordingly, here are some of the strategies Dubai has planned for its booming medical tourism industry as well as some of the advantages it has over other strong contenders in the industry.

Strategic location

Dubai plans to utilize its strategic position on the world map to the maximum. The city is located right between the east and the west. As such, it is a more viable alternative for medical tourists who want high quality, safer and affordable medical care without having to travel half way around the world to Asian countries.

Smart hospitals

Dubai has confirmed its ambitious plan of building a Dh 1 billion smart hospital which along with a medical university, which would cover an area of 150,000 square meters. Slated to be opened in 2019, the hospital would house over 300 beds and feature the latest advancements in medical technology, including robotic surgery and automated medication dispensing systems. The city also plans to build 22 other high-end hospitals to accommodate the increased influx of medical tourists by 2020.

Internationally recognized medical personnel

The Dubai government recently relaxed the restrictions it had placed on international physicians. The city has opened its doors to welcome several world renowned surgeons, doctors and medical personnel who will perform ground breaking medical procedures in state of the art healthcare facilities. Procedures like corrective operations and multiple joint replacements would become very common in these facilities, which would also house a multinational workforce that would offer the best in terms of quality, safety, excellence and transparency in medical treatments for patients.


Dubai has made plans to provide medical tourists with both inbound and outbound medical insurance for a variety of treatments and procedures. The insurance would cover all the treatment related costs, including post operative care, and would also cover additional expenses arising out of unforeseen complications (for up to three months after treatment). This means a patient can return to the city within three months to correct an unsuccessful procedure or complication, with the insurance covering the follow up medical treatment along with return flights and accommodation.


Dubai is no doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city plans to utilize this status to attract more medical tourists to its shores. By 2016, the city will inaugurate Bollywood Parks Dubai, a theme park that aims at attracting at least 6.7 million visitors annually. When coupled with the existing world class attractions, this venture would contribute more than Dh 2.4 billion in one year alone while creating at least 5000 new jobs for locals and migrants. It would also offer medical tourists more value for the money they pay in the process.


Dubai is all set to welcome more than 500,000 medical tourists to its shores by 2020. The city has formulated some rather ambitious strategies to make its dream come true.