Cost saving medical tourism destinations


Cost saving is one among the many factors that have influenced the regulation and growth of patients travelling overseas for medical care. Medical tourism has transitioned to an elective care from a cottage industry and considered as cost effective if coordinated by a reputable provider. Also hospitals in foreign countries are in competition to work out favorable pricing for patients in order to fill their beds.  In this article, let us see about the best countries for medical tourism and the cost that could be saved visiting these countries.

Medical tourism in Germany                             

In Germany the price and the value is highly favorable for knee prosthesis. It is said that in the US hospitals, knee prosthesis may cost above $30,000. However, in Germany the same procedure can be done for 40-50% less, at the same time the implants would be from a German or the US prosthesis manufacturer. Medical tourists here have the advantage of getting operated by well trained surgeons in a modern hospital with latest technologies. The latest report say-prices in Germany are diluted due to the fact that there are too many hospitals for the amount of people living in the country.

Cost effective and excellent medical care in Panama

Panama is considered more affordable for most procedures than other countries. Dental work is much cheaper in Panama when compared with the US or other developed countries. For instance, the costing of porcelain veneers might range from $1500 to $2500, but in Panama the same procedure could be done for 50% off or even less. Cosmetic surgery like neck lifting is also much cheaper where one can save up to $4000 if done in Panama. The Panamian doctors are trained in the US, so it is easy to find one who speaks English. They provide low-cost and high-quality medical care.

Malaysia: Medical tourism offers certified doctors with low-cost health care in top medical centers

Malaysia has gained recognition as a popular destination for medical tourism due to its world’s best and most affordable health care. The Joint Commission International has accredited three hospitals in Malaysia and English is widely spoken. For example, a root canal will cost around $700 in the US, but it will cost only $250 to $300 in Malaysia. Another example is compared to $13,000 in the US; a face life costs only $2000 to $3500 in Malaysia.

As per the report, the average saving for the most visited destinations are- Brazil: 30-45%, India: 50-90%, Taiwan: 35-50%, Turkey: 50-70%, Singapore: 35-50%, Korea: 35-55%. Apart from the health care, patients also have the advantage of exploring the country.