Can Canada offer economic medical facilities


The demand for medical treatment is so huge that at times it is near to impossible for a reputed hospital attend to all its patients. It is not necessarily true that the cost of medical treatment is always high in the developed countries and comparatively less in the developing or under developed countries.

Best Bargain

The simple law of finding the best bargain is also applicable in the field of medical treatment where patients seek a place for treatment where the price is comparatively less but at the same time, the facilities provided are of excellent standard. We witness that that every place is unique and has its own specialty; hence, certain treatments cost less when compared to others.

At times, the cost of certain medical treatments in developed countries can be lower than developing countries. A simple hip replacement surgery in the US cost $52,000 but the same surgery in Canada costs $35,000 that is nearly half the price. The medical specialists are mostly educated in the US or the UK and, hence the medical procedures are more or less the same. However, the overall cost difference is due to the facilities like accommodation, prescription medicine, food, etc. which are provided by the hospital.

Medical Tourism and Canada

Even though Canada is a strategic partner to the US and at times the super power overshadow it, but this country is in no ways behind, as far as medical tourism is concerned. Canada holds the record for a series of firsts in the field of medicine i.e. Anesthesia was first used in Canada by Dr. David Parker while performing a surgery and the modern method of removal of tumors was first performed in British Columbia.

Medical Facilities 

Copeman Healthcare Centre is one of the most famous hospitals, which is mostly frequented by patients from other countries. These hospitals provide professional care with a human touch, comprehensive health assessments, pediatric services etc to name a few. There is always a myth in the air that more and more Canadian doctors are moving their base to the US.

Confirmed reports show that on the contrary, 400-500 US doctors shifted base to Canada in search a good working environment last year. Mount Sinai Hospital is also a reputed Hospital, which provides treatments of various types. The hospital boasts of a 446 bed acute care for all types of patients.