Best medical care destinations in Europe


Europe is a union of one of the most educated countries in the whole world. Almost all of the countries had their share of problems in the two world wars we faced and post war period was a vital time for all these countries to get together and help each other in overcoming all the hurdles. Almost all the countries have developed in the field of medical care and certain countries specialize in offering specific medical treatments.


Belgium is rated by to be having one of the best medical care facilities in the whole of Europe. Belgium is the suited destination amongst those patients who seek all types of dental treatment. Belgium boasts of providing excellent treatment and recognizes alternate treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy, etc. as well. The unofficial motto of the doctors of Belgium is to treat the patients regardless of their ability to pay their bills. University Hospital of Antwerp is a favorite destination for patients requiring various medical treatments.


The medical care system of France is one of the popular medical care systems in the whole of Europe. France spends more than 12% of their GDP on healthcare, which denotes the seriousness of their medical care system. People are of the wrong impression the when in France, knowledge of French is necessary for survival but on the contrary it is not the case. The doctors in France are trained with the latest state of the art equipments and most of the doctors have trained in different places across the world as well. Hence, they are fluent with the English.


Germany has one of the oldest medical care systems in whole of Europe. Having one of the oldest medical care systems does not mean that Germany is way behind the other countries. Germany’s medical care system is so organized that the newly formed countries are following the blueprint of the German medical care system. Germany allocated $370 billion in 2010 that is equivalent to 12% of their GDP towards medical care system. Germany has close to four physicians to every thousand people, which is seen by observers as a very good ratio as compared to other countries of the world. The Heidelberg University Hospital is a highly reputed hospital attracting patients from all corners of the world.


It is a known fact that people from developing and third world countries tend to travel European countries for the best medical treatments.