Asian countries continue to see a boom in cosmetic surgery

cosmetic surgery in Asian countries

Medical tourism has changed how people deal with surgeries and surgeons. The new age patients are anything but vulnerable. They want superior quality of treatments, immediate medical attention and five star comforts during their hospital stay at a modest budget. All these they are getting in the medical tourism destinations of Asia. By traveling to the Asian countries, patients from the developed countries are saving 40% to 70% on surgical costs.

Medical tourists are writing about their experience and interacting with patients from all over the world. The stories of successful operations are inspiring hundreds of new patients who are then venturing to travel for cosmetic surgery. People are undergoing the knife without hesitation as the Asian nursing homes are charging only half of what they have to pay in their hometown.

The best part about seeking cosmetic surgery in Asian countries is that you can enjoy a great, relaxing vacation as a part of the medical tourism package that you select. The medical tourism facilitators are fixing appointment with surgeons, booking pick and drop from airport, arranging hotel stay or accommodation and enabling the patients to tour around the destination.

Impeccable behavior of hospital staff, and highly educated doctors are easily gaining the confidence of the patients. After the surgery, the hospitals enrol the patients in post-surgery recovery groups where they can meet other patients like them. Well-cooked meals and timely attention are helping the patients in healing quicker.

Medical tourism is an adventure for many. Divorced men and women, single mothers, weary school teachers all are looking at it as a means of escape from their boring life. Traveling to faraway countries also give them the opportunity to keep their rendezvous with cosmetic surgeons and their scalpel a secret.

The Asian medical tourism destinations understand the psychology of patients very well and they are offering services and facilities to lure more patients in. Spa treatments and guided tours of the destination are just few of the benefits of traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery. The medical tourism facilitators are also arranging personal assistants and translators for foreign patients.

The most popular Asian destinations for cosmetic surgery at the present date are Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India and South Korea. Some of the popular surgical remedies sought by foreign patients include tummy tucking, jaw shape enhancement, nose surgery and facial reconstruction.

Most of the famous Asian hospitals where medical tourists are treated have specific and special wards for foreigners and the surgeons have medical degrees from medical schools in US, UK or some other European country. The international patients have nothing to lose or fear and that’s why they are flying to Asian countries for losing the extra pounds and plumping up their lips for better Instagram posts.


Asian medical tourism destinations are offering lucrative cosmetic surgical facilities for foreigners. As a result, thousands of people are visiting popular medical tourism destinations in Asia for tummy tuck and other cosmetic surgeries every year.