Americans gear up to take advantage of Cuba’s fledgling Medical Tourism sector

Cuba’s fledgling Medical Tourism sector

Every year, thousands of Americans travel overseas, seeking medical treatments in foreign destinations in the hopes of reducing healthcare costs or availing treatments that are not available back home. Some of the more popular medical tourism destinations opted for by these individuals include Canada, UK, Costa Rica, Singapore and Israel. However, with the US and Cuba renewing and restoring their diplomatic relations, the latter is becoming another alternative for Americans who prefer high quality medical care at affordable costs.

Relaxation in Medical Travel Restrictions

The Obama Administration recently relaxed a number of restrictions related to travel to Cuba. This created a frenzy of sorts in both countries as medical tourism industries started bee lining to forge partnerships with health care facilities in Cuba in the hopes of offering services to American medical tourists.Experts in the medical tourism industry have revealed that this could have a positive impact on Cuba’s economy as well as its health system.

Areas in which the restrictions have been relaxed

According to the Obama administration, the areas in which travel restrictions to Cuba have been relaxed include family activities, journalistic activities, professional meetings/research, official government trips, religious activities, educational activities, humanitarian projects, public performances and competitions, export transactions, transmission of information or materials related to the same, and activities related to private foundations.

Although restrictions pertaining to medical tourism to Cuba have not been changed, many believe that the time would soon come when these restrictions are relaxed as well. Even with these restrictions in place, it is not uncommon for Americans to schedule doctor visits and medical treatments when visiting their families in Cuba.

Cuba’s advantage for American Medical Tourists

There is no denying the fact that Cuba has some of the best doctors and physiotherapists in the world. In addition to world class holding several world class training and medical certificates under their belt, these doctors offer the best in terms of quality and service for just a fraction of the cost for the same treatment in the U.S. and nearby countries.

For instance, a medical tourist seeking physiotherapy care can easily spend just $200 on a per day basis for the treatment and a comfortable room in the facility itself. If the individual were to opt for the same treatment in another medical tourism destination like Canada for example, he/she would end up paying over $40 every hour.

Cuba has indeed become the most preferred choice for Americans as well as several medical tourism companies in the U.S. which send their patients to the country for a range of medical treatments like physical therapy, alcohol/drug abuse rehabilitation and even retinitis pigmentose.

And with the U.S. relaxing its restrictions on travel to the country, Cuba could very well become the next biggest medical tourism destination for Americans who put health before politics.


The Obama administration has relaxed several travel restrictions to Cuba, a popular medical tourism destination. With this development, Americans may very well be next in line to take advantage of the country’s booming medical tourism industry.