All about medical holidays in Cuba

Cuba medical tourism

Cuba is a beautiful island country and has an established reputation for medical treatments. Major medical treatments include drug and alcohol rehabilitation, dental procedures, eye surgeries, cardiac surgeries, orthopedics, neurosurgeries, and cosmetic surgeries. Renowned medical institutes like Gonzalez Coro, Hermanos Ameijeiras, and Cira Garcia Clinic offer quality medical care to people across the globe.

Top hotels and medical centers have the provision of separate rooms and other facilities for medical tourists. The top class quality of medical procedures, doctors, and the supporting staff provides big opportunity to patients who need immediate and advanced medical attention. The popularity of medical tourism in Cuba has increased the number of medical tourists to the country. This is contributing a lot to the growth of the economy of the nation. Every year, the country welcomes thousands of medical tourists from countries and regions like the USA, Europe, and Canada.

Factors that make Cuba a favorable medical tourism destination are:

Great medical tourism destination                   

The spectacular location of the country and quality health care makes it a favorable destination for medical tourists. Cuba is one of the countries that have the abundance of nature, food, warm hospitality, and more. This is the main reason behind its popularity as a great medical tourism destination.

Cheap travel expenses, luxury lodging facilities, and great tourism facilities attract people to the destination. Visitors can enjoy their medical tour while telexing on beautiful beaches. They can enjoy delicious food of the country and can visit various natural, cultural, and historical places to enjoy their vacations.

Healthcare system

With the popularity of medical tourism, Cuba has also promoted quality medical care and tourism services to people. The country houses top class medical institutes that offer dental procedures, cosmetic surgeries, fertility procedures, eye surgeries, and many other medical procedures to their guests.

All hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, and related medical service providers are owned and managed by the government. This ensures the quality of medical procedures in the country. The country offers free healthcare including vaccination to their people. Apart from this, the doctor patient ratio in the country currently stands at one doctor for 170 people, which is the second-highest doctor-patient ratio in the world.

Cuban government offers 30 days tourist card to people entering the Cuban territory. Medical tourists can extend their visa for 30 days from the immigration department and can enjoy their medical trip.


Cuba is a perfect medical tourism destination as it offers quality healthcare, luxury lodging, and other tourism facilities to medical tourists.