Choose from 4 digital marketing options for your global healthcare organization.

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Destination Microsite

The microsite is an opportunity for providers and destinations to showcase their offerings in a very clear, concise, and captivating manner to potential patients. The microsite is the option for those who want patient leads. By investing in advertising with us, after we build the microsite (which lives on!), we will develop and manage advertising campaigns to produce consistent patient leads for your organization.
Starting at USD $15,000

Featured Provider

Picture your potential patients seeing your hospital or clinic listed on When they browse your country, they see your facility. When they browse treatments you specialize in, they see your facility. Boost your credibility by listing your organization on our international website. Show your patients that you have a global presence and expertise with this super low-cost investment.
Starting at USD $995

Featured Doctor

Are you a doctor? Build your personal brand overnight with a doctor listing on Patients want to know that their physician is well-equipped to treat them, and what better way to showcase your professional expertise with your very own webpage that combines your career resume with a flare of personality. Imagine local and international patients finding your personal webpage when they search for you on the web.
Starting at USD $995

Display Advertising

Sometimes you just want to get traffic to your site. Opt for display advertising on our run-of-site network and secure placement in one of our high-visibility ad spots, including those that span across almost every webpage on the website with our sidebar ads. Get significant international brand awareness with patients and healthcare professionals browsing on
Starting at USD $495

Here's some common questions that you too might have:

What is the best marketing option for me?

What's best for you is going to depend on what type of organization you are (i.e., hospital, government, facilitator, etc.), what you are looking to achieve (i.e., brand awareness versus lead generation), what your budget is (i.e., $4,000 versus $40,000 per year), and so forth.

I want leads. Nothing else matters. What would you recommend?

If you're looking for patient leads, you'll want to opt for a microsite. While we do have add ons for lead generation, all other options are better fitted for brand awareness and positioning. The microsite is also built specifically for advertising and marketing traffic to it for lead capture.

Prices say "starting at". What does that mean?

We've included pricing on this page to provide you with a quick way to determine what options are available for you since many organizations make marketing decisions based on cost. We are displaying the starting price because that is the bare minimum. The price will rise depending on the option's add-ons, such as advertising, bonus functionality, etc.

How can I learn more about each option?

Each marketing option above has a "learn more" button that will bring you to a dedicated webpage where you can learn more about that option.

How can I speak to a MTA team member about doing business together?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your information, and we will get back to you within a few business days.

Are there limitations to the organization and the content being advertised?

Absolutely. MTA reserves the right to deny to work with any organization, deny any content or creative elements, and pull pre-existing content at a later date. The scenarios in which this would take place are based upon the reputation of an organization, legalities around the advertised content, creative elements that are not consistent with the rest of the website, and so forth. These scenarios are unlikely and uncommon, however.

In the first few weeks of advertising, the patient leads rolled in and the investment paid off!

Raul Illescas,
Project Manager | Innovación