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Imagine your very own website within It's not a replacement for your website; instead, it's a signal booster, a complement to the marketing presence you've probably already established.

Companies and clinics that choose to partner with the Medical Tourism Association maximize their brand awareness by supplementing their marketing strategy with a unique lead generation channel that isn't available anywhere else.
Your Microsite Will

Attract Patients

We're guiding patients on a journey to better health. With a dedicated microsite, they'll get to know your hospital or clinic along the way. Your microsite is a showcase for the procedures you specialize in, the world-class doctors who work out of your facilities, and the unique tourism or adventure opportunities that are located nearby. You'll address frequently asked questions that will help patients get to know you a little better. Finally, we'll provide a lead capture form where your future patients will deliver their information to you.

Reap the rewards of effective branding and marketing with your Microsite.


Whether operating for one year or 100, build and maintain credibility with a beautiful microsite that conveys the same standard of excellence that your facility brings to your patients. A whopping 48% of people cited a website’s design and appearance as the top factor in determining the credibility of a business!

Command instant authority by becoming a part of the internet's only digital destination for medical tourism patients and professionals alike. Link to your microsite in your email signature, on your website, and anywhere else you can imagine.

Associate your hospital or clinic with the world's most recognized name in the business of healthcare travel, the Medical Tourism Association.


Looking for leads? Of course you are! Generate high-yield leads by positioning yourself on a website where thousands of international patients are actively looking for the right healthcare solution for them. Have us manage your paid advertising, while you receive qualified leads delivered to you every day; alternatively, you can choose to conduct your own external marketing campaigns that drives traffic to your microsite.

Bypass years of work building developing, and optimizing a top website! By positioning yourself within, you're aligning yourself with a high-visibility, high-authority brand that already ranks near the top of all related searches. Studies show that 77% of patients run a search before ever scheduling an appointment; with a microsite, you can be one of those results on the first page of your future patient's search results.

In the first few weeks of advertising, the patient leads rolled in and the investment paid off!

Raul Illescas,
Project Manager | Innovación
Highly Engaging and Visual

Custom Lead Capture

Utilize your very own lead generation form, custom tailored with specific questions and fields that gather the information you need.

Instant Alerts

Receive notification emails immediately when a patient lead is acquired. Access a live spreadsheet with a list of your leads.

Unique Value Proposition

Flaunt your UVP in our Hero Section
to highlight what sets you apart
from competitors.

Doctors Hall of Fame

Showcase your superstar physicians that are globally renowned for excellent care.

Destination Digest

Highlight all that your destination has to offer. Tell the world what's special about your particular region.

Multi-Clinic/Hospital Exhibit

Display your facilities with beautiful photographs and alluring descriptions that entice potential patients to commit.


Display a list of frequently asked questions and answers to provide potential patients with the answers they need.

Lead Management Distribution

Connect the lead flow to a CRM of your choice to automate distribution of leads to your agents.

Outbound Linking

Link out to your social media, website, or anything else. Promote your assets, or just reap the backlink benefits!

Highly Creative and Visual


Explore real screenshots of elements on a live microsite landing page built for a cluster of providers.

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