US trying to attract Chinese patients to avail medical treatments

Chinese patient

USA has top quality and advanced healthcare facilities and procedures, offering the best in cutting edge technology and science. It would be only logical if people chose the USA as their preferred medical tourism destination. Unfortunately, the high cost of medical care in the USA means that most medical tourists in fact try to avoid the country.

The expensive medical treatment is the biggest hurdle that does not allow people to avail medical facilities in the US. As a result, most American tourists prefer cheap medical tourism destinations like Thailand, India, and Singapore. Now, the US wants to get its position back in the medical tourism sector. For this, they are trying to offer medical attention to patients and providing special health insurance.

Healthcare in China

The healthcare system in China is good as it provide quality medical services to their people. Healthcare is widely available in the country as most villages have clinics and doctors. Chinese can afford expensive medical treatments and procedures and can avail the benefits of medical tourism in expensive country such as the US. Medical tourism in the US offers an opportunity to people who can spend sufficient amount on medical procedures and tourism. The government of China also offers its people to get the benefits of special health insurances that cover medical trips to other countries.

How the US medical tourism sector can attract Chinese to their country

Few years back, the middle class of China cannot afford the expensive medical care and treatment in American hospitals and clinics. As the Chinese have improved their purchasing power, they can afford expensive medical procedures in the countries like the US. The medical procedures in China are not that bad but are not as good as the American hospitals offer. Medical facilities in the US are excellent that can provide benefits to people with different ailments.

The government of the country is trying to make certain policies for foreign medical tourists, especially for Chinese patients. The main motive behind this is to attract more and more medical tourists from China. This can help the medical sector and the government of the USA to maximize their profit and promote the country as a medical tourism destination.


The healthcare in the US is best that is why Chinese people prefer American hospitals to avail quality medical treatments. Medical tourism in the US is also trying to attract Chinese people to avail medical treatments.