Medical tourism as a pocket friendly alternative


A considerable section of population still doubts the utility and effectiveness of medical tourism. Here I would like to share an interesting quote before I share my real life incident with you.

 “Things said in passing can have surprising outcomes.”

The beginning 

This is how it happened.        

It occurred around two years back when I visited my physician for a routine health check up. I saw a person sitting next to me in a very uncomfortable posture. After a small interaction, I came to know that he had an accident about a month back and needed a hip replacement (he was 65). NHS had informed him that his request was registered, but he would have to wait (for reasons not mentioned at the time) and he would be informed when it could happen.

He was in pain since past one month and going through hell, but he couldn’t pay for the procedure (approx $13,000). I had heard about getting the job done abroad for far less payouts, and it would be a vacation for the family as well, so I told him about it. I left soon thereafter, and forgot about this incident.

The Aftermath

Nearly half a year later, we bumped into each other again. He seemed much chirpier and buoyant. I asked him about this and he told me an interesting episode.

After our last talk, he made enquiries and found that there were countries where his procedure could be done and all arrangements be made from home. He never thought of going abroad. He thought it would be expensive.

The Lesson 

He found that help was at hand. The JCI (Joint Commission International) had a list of facilities that could fix his problem at a cost that knocked him sideways. He could travel, take a companion, get the procedure done, recuperate at that location and get back – at a far less cost that what it would have cost him to get it done at home – and no waiting!

The choice was not first world countries, but with the assurance of JCI, the quality of doctors and facilities was top grade and the best was the recuperation – lovely surroundings and beautiful caring people!

He went to Thailand; all arrangements were made through JCI approved service providers. Perfect hospital, doctors, support staff and dietary control made the stay perfect. Health benefits and spending quality time with the ones you love you could not ask for more. I was glad that a small piece of my advice did wonders for him. Thanks to medical tourism.