Germany and Poland come together for medicine and synergy


According to recent reports, Poland’s Ministry of Economy plans to extend its functions towards development of medical tourism in the country with Germany’s help. It has become clear that Poland is looking at a bigger and more profitable future of medical tourism. The government is evidently planning to invest in medicine and with the help of the Germans, this will be a smoother process. The recent talks between German and Polish dignitaries have raised questions about the countries’ plan to begin an exchange program between the countries.

The move to encourage medical tourism also indicates the government’s plans to re-establish tourism in Poland. After all, the reason people travel to different countries for medical care and treatment is not only the cost factor. People want to spend some time off from their hectic lives, and spend time with their family and friends. They look for a peaceful place to retreat to and heal for a few days. Poland is an ideal spot for Germans because it is close to home, offers almost the same medical staff and facilities and it offers a beautiful countryside to relax for a few days.

This year will see a lot of conferences and shows to encourage medical tourism in both the countries. An International conference in Washington titled “Poland – fast growing health destination” will be attended by more than a hundred German and Polish dignitaries. They will discuss matters related to medical tourism in Poland, and how both these countries can come together to offer Germans and other foreign countries a chance to avail the facilities and medical packages Poland has to offer. In fact, very soon Poland could become the medical tourism hot spot in Europe. People from all over Europe will be traveling to Poland for treatment.

There are many German doctors in Poland and the Germans would not feel uncomfortable with Polish hospitality. It is a new world in which we need to come together and extend our helping hand for each other otherwise the future of the entire world is bleak. If medical care is expensive for someone, the person has a right to travel across borders seeking help if need be.


Medical tourism is making its way into Poland in a big way and it is only a matter of time before Poland becomes the medical tourism destination of Europe.