Africa is fast becoming a hotspot for medical tourists


Medical facilities are necessary for every living individual. If you cannot get it in your own country then naturally you will have to travel to another country for receiving proper medical care and treatments. The evolution of medical tourism from a mere trend to a fully-grown worldwide industry has been possible due to the huge difference in the prices and quality of medical facilities in different countries. The high costs of medical facilities in the developed countries have forced the patients to travel to countries like South Africa.

In the recent years, Africa has made immense advancement in the medical tourism industry. They have a good infrastructure for business and continuously trying to improve the medical facilities. As a result, more foreign patients are relying on the healthcare services provided in the African countries.

The African countries where medical tourism industry has flourished in the recent years are Egypt, South Africa and Tunisia. The emergence of this new industry in Africa has helped the local and national economy. Medical tourism is a growing industry that offers good profit to the facilitators and participants. Both the clients and the medical tourism facilitators gain profit from it.

More than 7 million people travel every year for getting cheaper medical treatments. In 2011, the turnover of this industry was estimated $20 billion per annum. Getting a share of this thriving industry will only help African countries to become more prosperous in near future.

The contenders of African countries are India, Singapore, Thailand and Costa Rica. Now South Africa is considered one of the best medical tourism destinations of the world still they should try to learn what makes other countries popular contenders. Singapore offers advanced medical technology and India is famous for the low cost of major surgeries. Thailand is popular among people who want to get cosmetic surgeries done.

South Africa is also capable of providing high quality medical services. They have made great progress in medical research, as they apply innovative, modern surgical techniques. Spread of education is helping in empowering the natives and inspiring them to become a part of the growing medical tourism industry. The medical tourists are eager to enjoy the African safaris, sands and dunes during their visit. Tunisia and Egypt have also made good progress in the recent years in attracting foreign patients.


Medical tourism industry is growing at a good pace in Africa. The great quality of medical services offered at low prices along with the prospect of visiting exotic places have made African countries attractive in the eyes of medical tourists.