Released in July 2020
Medical Tourism Index: Arab Destinations Brief

2020-2021 MTI results are drawn from an extensive survey utilizing American respondents, yet the index as a whole is designed as a survey tool for any consumer respondent group to gauge perception of medical travel destinations.

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About the Medical Tourism Index: Arab Destinations Brief

Following the widespread development of healthcare free trade zones and medical tourism in the Middle East, GCC, and North Africa, this report evaluates the perception of 12 Arab destinations, selected through the same process validated in the original MTI published in 2014. The American consumer perception was used under comparable demographic size and scope to develop the rankings.

  • THE SURVEYThe data was gathered by conducting a national survey with 3,030 Americans of every age, gender, education level, and socioeconomic status.
  • THE FREE BRIEFThe 22 page PDF report includes 12 Arab Destinations with statistical evaluation on each.

Dimensions of Measurement

The Medical Tourism Index considers three primary factors as the drivers of medical tourism, and each of the three factors has a subset of items that allows a more detailed comparison in order to measure each destination’s attractiveness and brand awareness as a medical tourism destination.


Medical Tourism

Quality of Facilities
& Services

2020-2021 Arab Destinations Ranking

2.Abu Dhabi 70.26 🇦🇪
3. Oman69.03 🇴🇲
4.Egypt 64.81 🇪🇬
5Morocco63.80 🇲🇦
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Inside the Brief

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