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MEDICAL AVENUE Medical Avenue is a multicultural and multidisciplinary effort born from people who understand the importance of health and leisure and know how to adapt to the demands of this interconnected world. Mission Our company’s mission is to become the most efficient, legitimate and reliable link between South Korea’s state-of-the-art medical technologies, local doctors’ expertise and patients seeking for the best possible treatments. Vision Our company’s vision is to provide a trustworthy service to solve and satisfy our client’s health needs while they experience a hitherto unrevealed culture full of beautiful sceneries and modern facilities. Reliability Medical Avenue is a medical tourism agency / facilitator based in Seoul, Korea, working within the country’s legal and ethical framework. We are certified by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and belong to the group of agencies accepted by Medical Korea. At the international level, our staff has obtained prestigious certifications from the Medical Tourism Association such as the Medical Tourism Professional in 2014. We are active members of the Medical Tourism Association and regularly take part in conventions, events and seminars. MEDICAL AVENUE, also operates from our branch office in Kazakhstan. Both of our offices are at your disposal for answering any questions: Network At Medical Avenue we have developed harmonious relationships with a group of the top-leading Korean hospitals and cosmetic clinics. A vast number of agreements with the top medical centers in the country allow us to offer a diversified number of packages suited for all different budgets and necessities. Along medical attention, we also have conventions with a wide range of companies operating in the hospitality industry, from five star hotels to transportation services. For us, the quality of the institutions we collaborate with is as important as our excellence in service. Our business is structured to grant personal attention to our patients from the moment they arrive until the time to say good-bye, always open and attentive to their immediate needs. MEDICAL AVENUE In Seoul, S. Korea: Int. 1006-1, 10F, Jaram Building 566, Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu +82-2-6020-6813 +82-10-4279-0715 MEDICAL AVENUE In Almaty, Kazakhstan: Республика Казахстан, 050000 г. Алматы, проспект Достык 240 +7(727)-354-51-49 “Up for a healthy trip!”


Jaram Building 566 Dohwa-dong, Ma-gu, Seoul 121-815 South Korea




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