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Patient Experience Starts With

Become a recognized expert in your field. With our Certified Medical Travel Professional certification, you can easily link with healthcare or hospitality providers seeking exceptional services for their medical travel clients.

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Certification Modules

➔ Introduction to Medical Travel
➔ Medical Travel  Business Models
➔ The Medical Travel Care Continuum
➔ Facilitation of Care
➔ The Role of Hospitality in Medical Travel
➔ Payers in Medical Travel
➔ Marketing & Brand Management
➔ Managing Risk & Events “Business Health”
➔ The Importance of the Patient Experience
➔ Best Practices in Medical Travel
➔ Road to Recovery: Aligning your Medical Travel Business Plan with a Post COVID-19 Reality
➔ GHA COVID-19 Training for Medical Travel Programs
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Demonstrate the Economic Impact of Medical Tourism in your Destination

The Medical Tourism Calculator (MTC) is an adaptable tool used by all industry stakeholders to demonstrate the total economic impact of a medical travel program. Important factors like job creation and tax revenue, as well as the impact on hospitality and tourism, have been less emphasized in medical tourism forecasts.

✓ Provides data on the impact of healthcare tourism
✓ Provides the current economic impact of medical tourism in your region
✓ Provides a forecast of the total economic impact of medical travelers
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About the Program

Delivering an outstanding guest experience on a consistent basis is not something that can be improvised; it requires in-depth knowledge of your customers’ needs and expectations.  Additionally, there are considerations regarding culture and language, care management, travel coordination, risk mitigation, and legal and privacy issues.

As a Certified Medical Travel Professional (CMTP) you will possess the skills and knowledge to facilitate the seamless integration of quality, safety, and service at all touchpoints, for all guests.

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“[CMTP] set the standard for
our clinic to stand out in the
European market.”

Phillip Palser
KCM Clinic, Poland

Who Should Get Certified?

  • Healthcare Management Executives
  • Healthcare Practitioners & Professionals
  • Travel Agents
  • Hospitality Professionals
  • Facilitators
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers
  • Human Resources Executives
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Benefits of the Program

Bolster Your Resume
and New Career

Provides You
with Professional

Offer A Higher
Level of Knowledge
& Experience
to Your Clients

Learning Objectives

  • Understand motivations for medical travel and
    key stakeholders.
  • Learn about the unique needs and expectations of medical travelers.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Medical Travel Care Continuum.
  • Learn about payment models, risk mitigation and marketing.
  • Learn how to deliver an outstanding patient/guest experience points along the Medical Travel Care Continuum™.
  • Learn how to align your medical travel business plan in a post-COVID-19 world.
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Continuing Education
and Purchase Plan

This certification program has a continuing education subscription plan that’s designed to facilitate access to a catalogue of continuing education course materials in order to remain in compliance with your personal certification designation. You will be automatically enrolled in a continuing education subscription plan and charged based on the payment plan chosen.

What Will You Receive With Your Purchase?

  • 13+ Hours of Learning Courses
  • 13 Easy-to-Consume Modules
  • Access to 247+ Online Continuing Education (CE) Resources
  • 100-Question Multiple-choice Exam
  • 198+ Page Workbook
  • Coronavirus Workforce Preparedness Training
  • Access to all HREV Virtual Summit Webinar Replays
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Plan Annual Fee of $150.00. Continuing Education Subscription Plan Monthly Fee of $22.00.