Why Boomers are Opting for Medical Tourism?

Author : Medical Tourism Association

Medical tourism is one of the buzz words in today’s’ travel industry. It has gained massive popularity in the last 10 years as a way to cure health problems and enhance future savings by combing affordable medical treatments with attractive foreign trips. Medical tourism is coming up as a fast growing industry in countries like India, Singapore, and others because people from Europe, Africa, etc. prefer to visit these places for medical treatments due to alarming healthcare costs in their countries.

A recent survey depicts that people in European countries are vigilant about ethical government policies, best-quality treatments for the lowest prices, most updated diagnostic tools and cutting-edge technologies available outside their countries. As a result, a fair number of patients from these nations requiring dental surgery, hip replacement, heart surgery and laser surgery are being referred to Indian hospitals.

Here we explain some of the big reasons why baby boomers are going abroad for treatment:

  • Cost-Efficient Treatment: In financial year 2013, the average cost of USD in Indian currency is Rs. 55 and same is the scenario with other developing countries. Currencies prevailing in developedcountries are too much stronger in comparison to the Indian currency. A great opportunity to save money is one of the big reasons for uninsured and underinsured patients to search for medical alternatives and visit countries like India for heath treatments.
  • Apex Quality Treatment and Care:Asian sub-continents are famous for high-quality medical treatments under the supervision of well-experienced doctors, at the most affordable rates. Different private hospitals in these locations are known to offer world-class instrumentation facilities, low price meals, affordable affiliate hotels and cheap waiting lounges for their worldwide patients. Even the governments are contributing a lot to make these hospitals more patient-friendly.
  • Excluded Treatments: Even when you are holding the best health insurance plan that offers accidental and illness coverage, you have to deal with some hidden terms and conditions. Usually, these factors include hospital-room rent, bed expenses, ICU coverage, cosmetic surgery, certain types of vision treatment, reproduction complexities, congenital disorders, and so on. When people opt for medical tourism, they do not need to worry about the treatments excluded from their policies because anything and everything can be treated there.
Moreover, there are some specialty treatments exclusively offered by healthcare centers of these countries. If we take the example of developed countries like the United States, lawmakers prohibit some sort of practices and prescriptions just because either they are in testing phases or their health hazards are intolerable. However, medical tourists do not need to face these issues in Asian sub-continents.

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