Vague prices of medical tourism


Medical tourism provides an opportunity to those who want to get a high medical care overseas at affordable prices. Many analysts, hospitals, promoters of trade show and academics have put number of predictions on worldwide gross medical tourism revenue forward.

Medical tourism is a wider term and it is as old as tourism itself. It allows people, especially patients to travel overseas in order to get desired or required medical treatment done at highly affordable prices. This includes treatments and surgeries, such as cardiac surgery, dental surgery, organs transplants, joint replacements and several beauty or cosmetic surgeries. However, medical tourism means different in different countries like Mexico. As in country like Mexico, anyone crossing the boundaries to purchase some medications is counted as a medical tourist. In country like Thailand, person who visits a lab, has an x-ray, gets medications, has a mammogram, takes a stress test, consults with a general physician or surgeon and then admitted, as an inpatient is count as a medical tourist.

Revenue prediction in Medical Tourisms

Medically Tourism usually means high quality healthcare at low-prices. However, the fact is that the healthcare cost depends on the exchange rate between the currency and the medical tourist uses at home and their chosen medical tourism destination.

Medical Tourism price in different countries

  • The healthcare and wellness care depends on the exchange rates, countries like Turkey, Mexico and South Africa may offer better value for money than Malaysia and Thailand for international travelers.
  • In India, the medical treatment and care is comparatively cheap. It is one of the best medical tourism destinations of the world and provides a quality healthcare and treatment.

Saves money

Medical tourism is the best way of saving money for many people and it is quite beneficial for them. However, sometimes it tends to create many problems for the medical tourists. People usually hire companions or medical travel agents and sometimes this costs them a lot and they have to bear the extra expenses. On the other hand, as a medical travel agent, companion, an insurance agent you have to face many problems regarding the business, because of the overstated revenues of the medical tourism.

Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon and if it is managed properly then it will provide an affordable care to those who opt this.


Medical tourism is known for its high quality medical care and affordable prices. However, it also involves several unethical activities, which is affecting its popularity and demand.