Things to consider when finding an egg donor in a foreign land

egg donor

Egg donation is playing a major role to help women who cannot conceive. Many medical tourism destinations offer fertility tourism services to people across the world. Medical tourists can find egg donors as part of their treatment, but finding a suitable donor can be critical as you have to consider the following things:


Health of your partner is the most important thing that you have to consider. It also becomes vital for couple to make sure that the donor is physically and mentally fit and can produce healthy egg.

Background and physical appearance

Background is one of the most important things to consider while choosing a donor. She should not be a person with certain criminal background. Physical appearance is other important thing that you have to consider before select her, as these will decide that how your kid will look like. The background can clarify any family history of diseases or ailments that may affect the child.


Choose a destination keeping the legal process and social ideals in mind. You have to choose medical tourism destination where egg donation and fertility treatments are legal and acceptable.


Most people hire donors and pay them a certain amount for their help. So, it becomes important to choose a donor who fits in your budget. This will include the medical expenses, donor’s fee, and doctor’s fees.


It is important to ensure that the donated egg is suitable for you or your partner. A few medical tests can come in handy to reduce the risk of medical or other associated problems.

Finding a donor in a foreign land

  • The couple should consult an expert who can guide them well and help them choose an effective method.
  • It is the choice of couple that what type of donor they want, as the donor can be an acquaintance or stranger. The couple should make sure that their chosen donor would help them in every possible way and fits in their budget too.
  • To start the donor selection, couple should go for an authorized medical firm that deals with these things.
  • Couple should know the medical history and background of the candidate. It may be suitable to choose a donor who meets the physical characteristics of your family.


Egg donation has become one of the most favorable and easy way to conceive. This helps women who cannot conceive.