Tampa Bay is trying to up its game in the medical tourism arena

Tampa Bay Medical Tourism

Tampa Bay has the right kind of resources to become the next popular medical tourism destination and it is gearing up to draw the attention of medical tourists. The worth of medical tourism industry has been recently estimated to be more than $50 billions. No wonder, Tampa Bay is looking forward to grabbing its share of the thriving market.

Every year, millions of Americans are traveling abroad for getting superior medical facilities within their budget and save money. The medical tourists also want to spend a nice vacation in exotic locales of Asia and Brazil. Tampa Bay is also popular as a tourist destination and it is now trying to use this as an advantage in gaining the attention of medical tourists.

What is the competition like?

The Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and India are the top players of the medical tourism industry. Costa Rica has also been able to attract medical tourists with cheap dental procedures and surgical facilities. By traveling to faraway medical tourism destinations, the American patients get to save up to 70% on medical procedures.

The medical tourism packages often come with stay in four star hotels, delicious meals, post operative care, translators, pick and drop and guided tours. So many facilities without extra charges are bound to attract huge number of patients. The modern patients are not ready to believe things on face value. They converse with surgeons via video conference calls and find out everything about the hospital they will be getting admitted in.

Advancement in information technology has enabled patients to compare services and prices before finalizing anything. The competition that Tampa Bay is facing is quite tough and can only be countered over time with perseverance and excellent medical facilities.

How Tampa Bay is progressing?

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council is planning to hire the services of a consultant soon for analyzing its potential and prospects in medical tourism. The healthcare infrastructure of Tampa Bay is developed enough and patients can get the best medical facilities here. They are planning to promote their strengths in the medical field such as cancer treatment hospitals, child care hospital and heart hospital.

Family members of the patient can also travel down to Tampa Bay and spend a relaxing family vacation near the beach. If tourism and modest prices can be combined with superior facilities then Tampa Bay has a future in medical tourism for sure.


Tampa Bay is planning to attract more medical tourist by popularizing its medical facilities. It is capable of offering various surgical treatments and facilitating a nice family holiday for the medical tourists.