Changes in diplomatic relations with Cuba a boost for medical tourism industry

diplomatic relations with Cuba

U.S. President Barrack Obama’s recent announcement of renewing diplomatic ties with Cuba has been widely appreciated by the medical tourism industries in both countries. While Americans find this as an opportunity to start visiting Cuba for medical treatment, the Cubans believe the announcement would boost the economy of the nation’s healthcare system in terms of cost and quality. Of late, Cuba has been generating a lot of buzz in the global healthcare market owing to its emerging medical tourism industry. The country plays host to thousands of individuals who visit its shores every year for availing affordable medical care as…

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Medical Tourism and its wonders


Medical tourism is a growing industry attracting more and more tourists with time. We can understand the wonders and advantages of medical tourism by five Ws. These consist of what, why, who, where and when. What is medical tourism? The term medical tourism is used for an arrangement wherein a patient travels from developed countries to developing nations to avail cost effective treatment. These treatments may range from surgeries to post operative care facilities. The most availed treatments in health tourism include knee surgeries, cardiac surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, dental care and so on. Why is medical tourism a better alternative?…

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