Scope of medical tourism in Israel


Israel is not the first place one thinks of when thinking of visiting, unless there is a specific reason. The tension in the area is a big reason. There is another side to it – its location, easily accessible for all the Middle Eastern countries and simplified visa regulations make it easy to consider for medical tourism, apart from the sightseeing holidays. The reality The treatments available there are equal to the best in the word, since most of the specialists get their training in the advanced countries, and the equipment too is state of the art. The universal rule…

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Is there any scope of medical tourism in Africa


If you are planning for dental or cosmetic surgery, Africa might just be the right place for you. If you are wondering whether there is scope for medical tourism in Africa or not then we would be happy to guide you through the countries and procedures that Arica offers for better medical treatments. Arica is fast emerging as a lucrative market for health tourism. Nations like South Africa, Egypt and Tunisia are the epicenter of health tourism. Of the nations mentioned above South Africa is the Big Daddy! With exotic customs, breath taking safaris and an assortment of heavenly flora…

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